For The Developer (FTD)

Brief Description:

    FTD is a suite of applications rapped together providing a developer with a powerful tool to assist in the development common day activities.


    -Provide Developers with easy to use applications
    -Speed up common and tedious tasks
    -Make finding help, advice, files, libraries, etc even easier

Current Application Ideas (draft):

    -Find/Find'n'Replace (Go through files in a directory or project)
    -Automated Upload and Download (Up/down loading; whenever there is a change and/or modification and/or new file/folder or based on a schedule)
    -Project Planner
    -Resource Center (Searches popular blogs, forums, sites, sources, etc; automatically lists new items that user wants; Resource Center can find reviews, helps, hacks, libraries, programs, related opensource code, etc...)
    -The Developer's Connection (Allows users to sign up for popular forum/blog sites; They can search through the forums/blogs for advise and help or give advice to others)
    -Code Gofer (Converts code into customly highlighted html, checks code for different things like bottle necks and possible optimizations)
    -In Addition to the Apps there will be Add-ons for IDEs, OSs,...


    In order for this suite is to be useful and comfortable for the developer it is vital to have your support and help
    Please visit our home at SourceForge and give us some input through feature requests, known bugs, etc...

To Support FTD:

    Know a Bug, Report it. Report Bug
    Need/Want a feature or upgrade, Let us know. Feature
    Add/look at the Forums Forums
    Go to main page

Thank you for your time; and in time this suite will benefit you (The Developer) Logo